Trump has assembled 'team of failures'

In her book "Team of Rivals," Doris Kearns Goodwin explains the value of President Lincoln’s decision to bring some of his strongest rivals in politics at the time into his Cabinet. Why would he do such a thing? Because more than most politicians of the time, Lincoln realized the turbulence created in the country as northern and southern states differed over the future of unified states.

In her most recent book, "Leadership in Turbulent Times," Goodwin again chooses Lincoln, this time as an example of transformational leadership. Not only did he choose many of the brightest leaders, but also those that would provide him with diversity of thinking. The results are a matter of history and apparently a lesson the current president failed to review as he assumed his role as POTUS.

If ever there was a time of transformation accompanied with turbulence, this is it. During such times the nation needs a leader who chooses carefully and has a rationale for those choices. I, among many, spend most days scratching my head wondering, “What was he thinking?” The turnover in his administration, the poor decisions, the lack of clear plans and the apparent misuse of federal resources point to a team of failures.

Please, Mr. President, get it together. Find the best and the brightest and bring them onto the team. Be the Lincoln of your time. 

Paul A. Berkel



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