U.S. is becoming a third-world country

With conditions that currently exist with financial debt, overwhelmed resources and with the largely unimpeded influx of immigrants crossing its sovereign borders, will the U.S.A. become a third-world country? Or is the nation already in the flux of becoming a third-world country? 

When a political idealism is implemented that can unbalance and dramatically change the financial infrastructure of a country and its operations to a point where it can no longer provide care and safety for its citizens, can that country survive as it once had? Or does that country's infrastructure collapse and then metamorphoses into some other political system? Or possibly does this country divide into separate and different politically governed countries? 

A legitimate concern arises when many cities in the U.S., mainly on the west coast but also around the country, are already showing the resemblance of a third-world existence due to the promise of free health care and the large-scale influx of illegal immigrants, along with the homeless, drug addicts, disease outbreaks, etc. that overwhelm resources and are compounded by a lack of law/immigration enforcement.

Will Connecticut follow? 

Tom Main

North Stonington


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