Powerful symbol of an ugly stain on our national identity

I started crying when I looked at the front page of The Day - Mary, Joseph and Jesus in separate cages at the St. James front door, “New London church places Holy Family in cages to protest border conditions,” (July 13).

I had seen photos of children in cages and read about the conditions they were living under, but that front page photo hit me hard. I started writing this letter. I had done something. The night before at 9 p.m., I had stood by myself at the edge of driveway with a candle, a light for liberty, and millions all over the country and in other countries too were lighting candles with me, but…

On the Fourth of July in Washington D.C. we spent millions of dollars to celebrate our liberty while children, mothers and fathers wanting theirs, were suffering at our borders. How can we let this continue?

Astrea S. Hupfel



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