Stonington Board of Education sold out, didn't protect children

Kicking the can down the road, Stonington failed to protect its children. To negotiate a settlement before a thorough investigation is  complete is a coverup. This teacher will have nothing in the record, nothing in any recommendation from Stonington, about this matter and therefore can apply for a job in another district as an ordinary applicant.

Sarah Eagan was correct to cite the reporting standard as, "Reasonable suspicion" as it is in CGS17a-101a, but the Department of Children and  Family's standard is "belief" which requires only the reporter's belief, no supporting data is required to report a suspected instance of abuse. Stonington missed reporting in both instances.

The sad part of this is that their decision was an economic one. We can hear their lawyer saying, "we can make this go away for $81,000 and it’s over. A hearing will cost more and there is no guarantee we'd win."

They failed in their role of “in loco parentis" and put money before child welfare.

This was a sell-out not a buy-out.

Matthew Borrelli

East Lyme


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