Catala pledges to keep fighting for New London students

It was Election eve 1997, my mother and I had just placed the last flyer. We stopped for coffee and had our debrief of the day, as we had every day we worked on the campaign. My mother said, "Jason, you are only 22, and you have worked so hard and I think you will be victorious tomorrow," adding, "Are you sure this is what you want to do?"

Well, here I am, 22 years later, more excited than ever to be seeking the nomination for an 8th term to the New London Board of Education.

During my seven terms I have seen a lot, good superintendents and questionable ones. I have worked with good board members and some not so good.

I have grown, but still have some learning. My daughter, Elizabeth, was born and during this time I lost my mentor and best friend, my mother.

As I seek the nomination for an 8th term, I vow to the students and citizens of New London that I will continue to fight tirelessly for what is right and fair. I will go to bat for every single child to see that they are safe and get the best education possible when they enter our schools.

Jason Catala

New London


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