Senate candidate Marx embodies integrity

I strongly support Martha Marx for state Senate. Based on the visiting nurses who cared for my mother and mother-in-law, I greatly appreciate the wisdom provided by her experience. 

Having been in many homes, Marx personally knows what life is really like. She knows our struggles firsthand and has the empathy required to address them. It is a unique depth of perspective for what is needed for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dignity and well-being. She has the grace and grit of those who truly care and serve: Enact what matters so that we all prosper and no one is left behind in jobs, wag es, health care, housing, education, safety, security. This is sound governance. 

It comes down to this: Marx doesn't need to claim integrity; she embodies it. I trust that she has our backs with the moral courage to stand for and do what is right with genuine representation of the public good. She won’t do things for self-serving self-interest. She won’t be silent. These traits matter to us all and what I look for. 

I am unaffiliated. She has my vote. What matters to you?

Lucira Jane Nebelung

East Lyme


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