Do you really care? Then vote Nov. 6

With a cry from her heart Kris Wraight of Safe Futures asked us in The Day paper, “Safe Futures: We believe you and we can help,” (Oct. 5), to believe, to care, to help victims of sexual assault. A doctor and a young victim of sexual violence were awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their work helping the thousands of women in Africa who had lived through sexual violence. These stories are in sharp contrast to the  partisan vote for the very partisan sounding Judge Kavanaugh to be a Supreme Court justice. Only a one or two vote majority gives him the seat. Partisan 5 to 4 Supreme Court decisions are becoming the norm and will likely increase. 

Already, a majority of individual voters did not elect our president. Voting districts, many drawn by the party in power, determine the electoral outcome, not the individual votes cast. Already it seems we are not a democracy. The three branches of government are not "separate but equal" anymore. We are more like an autocracy. Power and money and, yes, men seem to govern us.

Women and a few men are crying out. Will we listen and believe and help our threatened democracy with our vote? Let's turn out in November and show we care. 

Astrea S. Hupfel



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