Music tip: Jerry Paper's "Like a Baby"

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I hadn’t heard of 28-year-old electronic-music artist Jerry Paper until recently, though it seems he’s been on the music scene since 2009. He just released his newest album, “Like a Baby,” and I’m obsessed. My friend Luke described his music as a cross between Steely Dan and jazz — a chilled-out take on modern existential grooves, so to speak. For me, Paper’s music feels like a strange and warped critique on modern-day consumerism. Paper synthesizes what sounds like mall music from the ′70s or ′80s into meditations about shopping and its apparent effects on society and the individual. Obviously, that’s very millennial and, well, trippy, but it makes for some inexplicably relaxing yet thought-provoking listening nonetheless. You can find Paper’s album on Spotify, iTunes or YouTube. — Mary Biekert


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